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As a former Corporate Marketing and Advertising VP turned 4x entrepreneur, I know what it's like to transition from big business to entrepreneurship. To go from being at the beck and call of your boss to being the BOSS (and the latter is much better!)

My goal is to help you (and 999 other amazing women!) profit from your knowledge and launch an expertise-driven business. I want to help you get your voice out into the world so you can be recognized as an expert in your niche and ultimately, monetize your expertise! Sound good?

Let's do this together: One for all & all for one!

I'm Cindy Ball

your Entrepreneur mentor, Queen of Niche & Believer in Women-Led businesses

xo Cindy

I'm Momsta to 3 amazing daughters, lucky wife to Duncan &
crazy dog mom to our Boston Terrier, Phoebe, and French Bulldog, Lulu.

We live, work and play in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia!

(we have the #BestLastName 🎱)

I've helped 100's of women around the world figure out what entrepreneurship 
looks like for them (yes, it's different for everyone). I've been featured in and written for The Globe & Mail, Macleans, Mompreneur Magazine, Flare and other publications. 

I even appeared on CNBC's "The Big Idea Show" in a segment entitled, 
"My Idea Will Make Millions!"

I'm an entrepreneurial strategist, life coach and a college marketing professor.

I've been an executive at Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

I co-founded a product-based business Smart Ass (a line of women's lingerie with sassy sayings on the backside!), an online food and drink portal (Eat Drink Be Local) and a boutique marketing and communications agency. 

 I can help you build a business using expertise you already possess! Let's do this!

My Story

On a personal note...

1. work fuel

Nespresso & cashew mylk in a teacup from my Grandma

2. podcast

 Rachel Hollis'
Rise Podcast & many, Many more!

3. place to work

My bed. Really!
I have a BESK
- a bed-desk!

4. can't live without

My iPad Pro and Apple pencil (how i wrote my website copy)



tell me more!

6. fav BIZ book

you are a badass at making money Jen Sincero

7. work escape 

PELOTON & pilates

8. best ideas

while walking
my Dog

9. Best biz tip

start before you're ready!

10. my coaches

emily & James
Williams, Gina DeVee & Susan Hyatt

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My biz favs...

are we a match made in entrepreneurial heaven?!

Like what you're reading? Think we might be a good fit to work together and create your ONE-WOMAN EMPIRE?